Ground Blizzard, Ramshead Range

Ramshead Ground Blizzard 1600px

Camera/Lens: Nikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8@ 24mm

After a beautiful day ski touring around the Ramshead area near Thredbo, the wind started to pick up while returning to my camp. The natural phenomenon of sastrugi forms small ridges of packed snow from consistent winds. I thought the late afternoon light combined with the windblown snow and the sun low on the horizon would make for a nice image highlighting the sastrugi in the foreground. Little was I to know that the winds would increase ten fold and almost bury my tent with windblown snow during the night. Only shovelling every few hours throughout the night prevented the tent from being completely buried. I made a quick escape at first light in bad visibility and flat light, negotiating  sheet ice and invisible snow drifts on the plateau before reaching Thredbo Top station and the refuge of Eagles Nest.

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