First Light on The Main Range Peaks

First Light on The Main Range Peaks

Camera/Lens: Linhof Technorama 617S III, Schneider 90mm f5.6 Super Angulon
Film: Fuji Velvia 50

I had pre-visualised an image capturing the first sunlight to hit the Main Range peaks of Kosciuszko. In the pre-dawn light, from a position near Seaman’s Hut, I pointed my camera to the north west and waited for the sun to do its work. I wasn’t sure whether I could get just a hint of sunlight on all the peaks at the same time. I patiently waited as each peak was slowly bathed by the suns early light and pressed the shutter as the last summit was lit up.  It captures a special time of day on the roof of Australia. The peaks lit up from left to right (including height and height ranking) are:

Byatts Camp (2159m, 8th), Abbott Peak (2145m, equal 9th), Mt Townsend (2209m, 2nd), Mueller’s Peak (2120m, equal 13th), Alice Rawson Peak (2160m, 7th), Mt Northcote (2131m, 12th), Mt Lee (2100m, equal 15th), Mt Clarke (2100m, equal 15th).

Not in the image, heading south and to the left are:

Unamed peak on Etheridge Ridge (2180m, 5th), Mt Kosciusko (2228, 1st), North Ramshead (2177m, 6th), The Ramshead (2190, 4th).

To the north, obscured by the Northcote/Clarke Ridge are:

Carruther’s Peak (2145m, equal 9th), Tenison Woods Knoll (2136m, 11th), Little Twynam (2120m, equal 13th), Mt Twynam (2195m, 3rd)

There are 26 peaks over 2000 metres in Australia (A2K) and all lie in Kosciuszko National Park. It is possible by travelling light and with good weather in summer to scale all the A2K peaks in three days. In winter, with a stable weather forecast, a ski traverse summiting the top 10 over three days, is also possible.

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